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 4,000 SQFT of Sweat Inducing, Ground Pounding, Warrior Creating Real Estate Right on the Blue Line  

EMAA is not a traditional dojo. We are not a fight club, and we are not “purists”.  We train for self defense. Self defense is more than a cool move or two; it is about training for the strength to endure the hardships of life.  This is why we emphasize physical and mental conditioning in addition to HEMA and other mixed martial arts.

Pankration: Originating in Ancient Greece as a combination of Boxing and Wrestling. from the Greek pan kratos παγκράτιον, literally meaning “all of might” was first introduced to the modern martial arts world by Jim Arvanitis a Greek-American martial artist and professional trainer of MMA/Hybrid Reality Combat based on the pankration model. An effective martial art from the battles of Alexander the Great to the 21st century wrestling mat.

Knight Combat: Originating in aftermath of the Dark Ages as the medieval Church empowered elite warriors to dispense justice and defend the weak. At EMAA the European medieval broadsword has a place honor. Our students train in medieval broadsword to build integrity, coordination, discipline and determination.

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Washington Post feature story on the European Martial Arts Academy

“Swordsmanship isn’t what you see in the movies. This isn’t wild Conan stuff,” he informed a Wednesday-night class. To drive home the point, he raised his weapon high over his head like a lumberjack preparing to swing an ax and released a primal grunt. “It was designed for knights to fight in a full suit of armor.”

In the crowded arena of martial arts classes, Old World sparring techniques are generally eclipsed by more ethereal practices such as judo and jujitsu. But Booth is an ardent promoter and practitioner of Talhoffer’s moves, which he describes as “the most deadly and effective mixed martial arts that I’ve ever seen in the world.”

Have at thee! Special Forces veteran revives medieval combat skills.

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The 2015 Season at the European Martial Arts Academy has started! 

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