Intro Demo/Workshop – 10/18/14
Includes a live fight demo and instruction in 3 of the areas taught at EMAA – physical conditioning, sword combat, and unarmed/dagger combat.
ONLY $10!!!

SwordPLAY Workshop – 10/19/14
Learn more basic German longsword fencing technique, train with international competitors, and broaden your understanding about the ancient art and growing sport of European longsword.
ONLY $25!!!

Come see our knights fight it out every weekend at
Medieval Madness in Old Town Alexandria!


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“The god man must speak up for the truth — even when it seems obvious and happens often.”

Hans Talhoffer (1410-1482), Swabian Fight Master

Forged from over 15 years of careful research, designed by top experts in their respective fields, the EMAA is a revolution in self-defense, fitness, leadership training, and personal development. Experts say that the technique taught at EMAA is the most deadly and effective defense art in the world. 

EMAA is a comprehensive school of martial arts instruction — not just a sword school. EMAA not only brings back to life that which has been dead for 600 years, it also takes those ancient skills and forges them into the best choice available today for training in the martial arts.

At EMAA our students learn an entire gamut of martial arts and skills. This is a complete art which allows you the flexibility to face any sort of threat and emerge victorious. Here is why EMAA sets the standard for martial arts instruction:

EMAA is a new approach to Martial Arts Training. This is not a school for the faint of heart. We are committed to excellence and producing the finest martial artists, leaders, athletes, scholars, ladies, gentlemen, and role models possible. We are men and women of peace, but we are also men and women committed to being that staunch rock others may lean upon when crisis shows itself. We are strong because of our training, the tests we have passed, our mental might and our spiritual beliefs. It was said in the age of the Knight, that no Knight of honor can lose to a Knight without honor. We believe that is still true. Within the journey to finding the truth, so you will find strength. Within failure you will learn success. Within yourself, you will find a new flowering.

…when you will fight in earnest with someone…fight earnestly for yourself…

Hans Talhoffer (1410-1482), Swabian Fight Master